My work for the Color Dreamscape photo series is like a surreal and strange journey. I capture a fusion of colorful liquids, interacting with each other in an aquatic environment. The colors swirl, blend and intertwine, resulting in beautiful abstract compositions. The combination of various textures is unrestricted, resulting in an outcome that is always fascinating and subtle, as it has the freedom to reach its ultimate conclusion. It is a crescendo of energy, movement, explosions, depth, space, colors, and contrasts.
The photographs captured are one-of-a-kind and unparalleled. They are modern, emphasizing arabesques, and exude a romantic and unique inclination. These works seem to come from afar, belonging to another world.
The viewer experiences a perception that is not the same depending on the feelings felt when focusing on a specific image born out of the symbiosis of these various blends. They find themselves in a fourth dimension where they are the only spectator.

fine art photography

Color Dreamscape

Splash of Imagination